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What Is The Most Commonly Used Tunisian Crochet Hook Size

When it comes to Tunisian crochet hooks, size matters. But what is the most commonly used size? 

The answer is simple. It’s not about the size of the hook but rather the size of the project. 

You see, Tunisian crochet is a unique technique that requires a longer hook than traditional crochet. This allows for more loops to be held on the hook at one time, creating a thicker and denser fabric. 

But the size of the hook used is determined by the weight and texture of the yarn being used. A thicker yarn requires a larger hook, while a thinner yarn requires a smaller hook. 

So, while there may be a commonly used size for a specific project, it ultimately depends on the individual’s preference and the desired outcome. 

But don’t let the hook size limit your creativity. Tunisian crochet offers endless possibilities for unique and stunning projects. 

So, experiment with different hook sizes and yarn weights to create your own masterpiece. And remember, it’s not about the size; it’s about the end result.

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