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What Is A Strip Tube Ruler For Quilting

A strip tube ruler for quilting is a tool used by quilters to create precise and consistent strips of fabric for their quilting projects. It is designed to help quilters easily cut fabric strips in various widths without the need for multiple rulers or measuring devices.

The strip tube ruler works by utilizing a long, rectangular shape with marked measurements along its length. Quilters can align the ruler with the fabric and use a rotary cutter to cut along the desired measurement line, resulting in a straight and accurate fabric strip.

This ruler is particularly useful for creating strip piecing designs, where multiple fabric strips are sewn together to form intricate patterns. By using the strip tube ruler, quilters can ensure that all their fabric strips are the same width, leading to a more cohesive and professional-looking finished quilt.

In addition to its measurement markings, this ruler often includes additional features such as angled lines or markings for creating diagonal cuts or specific shapes. This versatility allows quilters to explore different design possibilities and experiment with various techniques.

Overall, the strip tube ruler simplifies the process of cutting fabric strips and enables quilters to achieve precise and consistent results. Whether used for simple strip piecing or more complex quilting projects, this ruler is a must-have for any quilting enthusiast.

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