What Is A Fat Eighth In Quilting

A fat eighth in quilting refers to a specific cut of fabric that is commonly used in quilting projects. It is a piece of fabric that measures approximately 9 inches by 21 inches, which is half the width of a standard quilting fabric bolt. The term “fat” is used to indicate that the cut is larger than a regular eighth of a yard, which is typically 9 inches by 44 inches.

The fat eighth cut is popular among quilters because it provides a versatile size for various quilting techniques. It can be used to create smaller quilt blocks, appliqué designs, or even as a background fabric for larger projects. Its size allows for more flexibility in design choices and reduces fabric waste.

Quilters often purchase fat eighth bundles, which are pre-cut assortments of fabrics that coordinate well together. These bundles are convenient for quilters who want a variety of fabrics without having to purchase larger amounts. Fat eighth bundles are commonly used in quilt patterns that require a range of colors and prints.

A fat eighth in quilting is a versatile cut that allows for creative design choices and is often used in quilting projects to minimize fabric waste. Quilters can purchase fat eighth bundles to easily obtain a variety of coordinating fabrics for their projects.

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