What Are Wof Strips In Quilting

WOF strips, also known as Width of Fabric strips, are long, narrow pieces of fabric that are used in quilting. These strips are cut across the width of the fabric, typically measuring around 42-44 inches wide.

In quilting, WOF strips are commonly used to create borders, sashing, binding, and other decorative elements. They can be cut into various widths, depending on the desired design and pattern.

One of the advantages of using these strips is its versatility. By cutting them into different widths and arranging them in different patterns, quilters can create unique and visually appealing designs. WOF strips can be sewn together to form long strips, which can then be incorporated into the quilt top.

Additionally, WOF strips are often used in strip piecing techniques, where multiple strips are sewn together to create larger fabric units. This method is efficient and time-saving, as it allows quilters to quickly assemble larger sections of the quilt top.

Overall, WOF strips are a valuable tool in quilting, providing flexibility and creativity in design. They offer quilters the opportunity to experiment with different patterns and arrangements, resulting in beautiful and personalized quilts.

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