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What Are Clappers Used For In Quilting

Clappers are essential tools in quilting that are used to achieve crisp and professional-looking seams. These wooden or metal blocks are typically shaped like a small mallet and are used to press seams flat after they have been sewn. By applying pressure and steam with a clapper, quilters can set the stitches and create a flat and smooth surface.

One of the main purposes of using a clapper in quilting is to help set the seam. When two pieces of fabric are sewn together, the clapper is placed on top of the seam while it is still hot from the iron. The weight and pressure of the clapper help to compress the fibers of the fabric, creating a tight and secure seam. This technique is especially useful when working with bulky or thick fabrics, as it helps to flatten and stabilize the seams.

In addition to setting seams, clappers are also used to create sharp and crisp edges in quilting. After pressing a seam open or to one side, the clapper is placed on top of the fabric to hold it in place while it cools. This helps to set the fabric in the desired position and creates a clean and defined edge. Quilters often use clappers when working on projects that require precise and accurate piecing, such as intricate quilt blocks or appliqué work.

Overall, clappers are indispensable tools in quilting that help to achieve professional results. By using a clapper, quilters can ensure that their seams are flat, secure, and well-defined. Whether working with delicate fabrics or thick materials, the clapper is a valuable asset in the quilting process.

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