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How Do You Keep Tunisian Crochet From Curling

Gaining control over Tunisian crochet means understanding how to keep it from curling. The process requires knowledge of multiple techniques and a compulsive desire for neat edges, but with patience and practice, you’ll soon master the art.

First is tension. Adjusting your grip as you stitch will give you an even and balanced result. If you find your finished piece isn’t maintaining its form, then take a step back and review how tight or loose your stitches were in each row. 

Second is practice. Repeating the same pattern over and over again enables you to see subtle changes that can make or break this craft, so don’t be afraid to experiment! You’ll eventually find what works best for your unique technique. 

Thirdly, mastering the foundation chain is fundamental. Depending on the size of your loops, choose a suitable foundation method –whether it be long foundation single crochet (LFSC) or double crochet (LFDC). Understanding chains provides direction for the rest of your project, allowing it a construction that won’t curl up when complete.

Finally, set-up rows are essential in producing straight edges across all pieces – no matter if they’re large or small! Don’t skimp on these details, as they allow for greater precision moving forward down the project’s progression ladder. Utilise elongated stitches that create long rows that have more pull in different directions; this helps correct any slight curling you may encounter during work-in-progresses too!

By practicing these simple methods every time you begin Tunisian Crochet projects, you’ll save yourself many headaches! Your hard work and dedication will ensure beautiful results every time without any unwanted curls or kinks in sight!

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